Pang’s drug charges dismissed

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THE Boroko District Court has dismissed drug charges against the Sanctuary Hotel operations manager Jamie Pang because methamphetamine is not described as a dangerous drug under the Dangerous Drug Act.
Magistrate Garry Unjo said Pang could not be penalised for something not prescribed by law.
Magistrate Unjo said methamphetamine was not a dangerous drug under the Dangerous Drug Act.
He added that it was public knowledge that drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine were not declared as dangerous drugs under that act.
Magistrate Unjo ordered that Pang’s bail be refunded and that police should return Pang’s passport, computer and other items confiscated during the search.
Police alleged that on Nov 16, 2021 at 6.30am, Pang was at the hotel when police and Customs officers participating in a joint special operation codenamed “Saki Bomb” conducted a raid using a search warrant.
It was alleged that the search was conducted on targeted areas inside the hotel premises, in Port Moresby, where they found a laboratory, and methamphetamine (meth) in a room.
Pang was charged with being in possession and involved in producing a dangerous drug.