Parkop secures land for sports facility

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop recently held an important and productive meeting with new the Bishop of United church of the Urban Region, Bishop Rev Edea Kidu to develop a sports and recreation area.
Parkop is seeking the church approval to build sporting facilities on the church grounds at Hanubada for the people and the community in the area because there was no land available than traditional land to utilise for recreational purposes.
Currently, there are no sporting facilities available for the people of Hanuabada and the surrounding communities and Parkop has seen the need to have proper and professional sporting facilities.
It is Parkop’s initiative and vision this year to create these facilities throughout the villages and communities to create a healthier environment which is free of crime and drugs.
The United church has offered a portion of land in Hanuabada after listening to Parkop’s request and would be developed into a new Metoreia sports grounds.
It would comprise of five bitumen-sealed playing courts for netball, basketball and volleyball.
There would also be new rugby league oval for the village.
Bishop Rev Kidu praised Parkop for his initiative in helping the people of Hanuabada and the local community with the new sporting facilities.
He said the church would ensure that after the sporting facilities were built, they would look after them for the benefit of the public.
They would also be running sporting activities for the youths and the community.
Chairman of the Motu-Koitabu Council  Miria Ikupu was delighted with the church’s approach to Parkop’s request.