Parkop tries to fix damage after ‘Walk for Life’ trouble


National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop, has taken responsibility for the few opportunists who took advantage of the Walk for Life to create trouble.
He has assured the public that security would be provided in future events.
Parkop said that owners of vehicles and items damaged or stolen during Sunday’ walk should contact his office.
“I will do what I can to repair the damage and loss to cars and property,” he said
“Even our NCDC (National Capital District Commission) buses were stoned till all the glasses were damaged.
“Stern action will be taken immediately against the perpetrators.
“As governor of the city who walks every Sunday, the National Capital District Commission together with the management and organisers of the event, we offer our sympathies to the victims including some of our own participants and bus drivers who were also harassed on the way.”
Parkop said that the commission’s reserve police were supposed to be present on Sunday, as it was part of their responsibilities weekly.
“But they did not show up.
Parkop also gave his assurance that he would provide security and create a peaceful environment like in the last two years.
“This spate of stoning and damage to cars is new to the Walk for Life programme and we will curb it once and for all,” he said.
“We have delivered the Walk and Yoga for Life programme with great success stories from our participants for the last two years.
“I will not give in to these hooligans who just want to restrict our freedom and disrupt our peace and ability to move around freely.”
Parkop also issued a strict warning to the hooligans and to the young boys and their families that he would not hesitate to lock them up and discipline them as they were not the kind of citizens he wished to raise in the city.
“We actually know where they come from and our marshals have been observing them so they will be apprehended and we will restore safety again to our walks,” he said.