Volunteers get dirty in Lae trash


MORE than 70 residents of Lae city’s Ward One have volunteered to clean up the Eriku area.
Spokesman Charlie Tikaro said the voluntary clean-up programme was an initiative to keep the city clean in line with Lae MP John Rosso’s plans.
Tikaro said women, teachers and students from Lae Secondary School spent Saturday morning collecting rubbish.
The residents have agreed to carrying out the clean-up once a month.
“Eriku is now very clean and environmentally-friendly. Now it really needs positive attitudes and efforts to sustain its cleanliness,” he said.
“Under the leadership of Russo, new rubbish bins have been installed in various spots in the city including Eriku.
“All public areas in the city will have proper bins for people to throw rubbish into.”
Tikaro urged the general public in Lae to be responsible and dispose rubbish in the bins provided.
He said residents would help the city council save money on hiring cleaning contractors if they did not litter.
He thanked the management team from Executive Security Service, FTM Construction, Islands Petroleum and Riback Stevedoring and their families for supporting the programme.