Parliament is cursed, say MPs

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The National, Thursday 15th December 2011

THE National Parliament has been condemned as the “House of Evil” by two members of parliament.
Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa said the house was a Haus Tambaran (house of evil).
He said those who occupied it were under the control of evil.
Finchhafen MP Theo Zurenuoc agreed it was a house of evil.
He said the house was possessed by evil. He told parliament that one Sunday, he came to Parliament House and prayed that he be shown any sign of evil.
He urged the government to build a new Parliament House that would be free of evil.
Kundiawa-Gembogl Tobias Kulang supported the move to relocate parliament so that it was in the heart of the country.
He said its current location in Port Moresby isolated it from the majority of Papua New Guinea citizens.
He said it would be great to relocate parliament to Yonki or Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands because it was the centre of the country.
He said parliament was for the people and should be more accessible to the people and not isolated.