Parliament has separate budget, says Speaker


Parliament has a separate budget to the government executives’ and each year before September 30, the s peaker hands it to the prime minister to present it to the Government, according to current Speaker Job Pomat. He said Parliament budget was in accordance with the Constitution when he responded to Laigap-Porgera MP Tomait Kapili’s query in Parliament.
Kapili said some of the parliamentarians did not have vehicles and staff or allowancea for vehicles and accommodation.
“I’m not happy that MPs have been branded as highly paid, so Parliament must have its own budget,” he said.
Pomat said MPs indeed received their pay because there was a separate budget.
Kapili said: “If this Parliament elects the prime minister, the governor-general and the speaker, the chief justice is appointed by NEC.
“The prime minister after he retires, enjoys his perks and privileges and the governor–general also does that. When the Speaker is voted out and doesn’t return to Parliament, he doesn’t receive any perks and privileges like the others appointed by this Parliament do.
“He just gets his retirement benefits just like an ordinary MP and I call on those in authority to look into this matter.
“This should be captured through the Speaker’s Office to be considered.”