Prosecutor urges witnesses to work together to prepare, serve court files


By Alphonse Porau
A POLICE prosecutor in Port Moresby is urging police officers and witnesses to work together to prepare and serve court files.
Sergeant Joseph Sangam told The National that many cases were being dismissed by the courts because witnesses did not work with police to compile files.
Sangam said this yesterday after magistrate Cosmas Bidar struck out 10 cases in the Waigani Committal Court because police failed to serve files within the three months allowed by the court.
Bidar dismissed the cases against Stalone Markeba, Bamu Roika, ParuMatibe, Husain Bob, Frank Omaito and Mathias Gini Howard, all charged for attempted murder; Sengi Peter, for armed robbery, David Bare, for wilful murder, Joseph Mesa for unlawful assault and Mapera Ayopa, for burglary.
“The dismissal of 10 cases does not look good,” Sangum said.
“In fact none (of the complainants) attempted to come forward to serve the files and we had to look for them.
He encouraged the complainants to give statements to police officers to make sure the files were completed and served in court.
“As soon as they put the complaints in, they must make sure to give their statements to the police officers and to make sure that they compile the file to serve the court,” Sangum said.
“And police must also do the same to work on the files, once they get their stories.”
Bidar said that three months was enough time for the files to be served.