Parliament urged not to fear change

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 PAPUA New Guinea must not fear moving forward with changing laws and policies to suit current needs to benefit people, Parliament was told yesterday. 

Hela Governor Anderson Agiru said the country had been for some time it had not undergone improvements and developments regarding laws and policies that promoted substantial growth.  

Agiru was among MPs who supported the Government proposed amendment of sections 142 and 145 of the Constitution. 

He said the Constitutional amendments should not be feared by the Government and Opposition members. 

“The Parliament is here to make laws to give confidence back to the people,” Agiru said. 

“The country and the Parliament must not fear to take steps like this to amend laws that will benefit the people today and in the future.

“Stability is gained when such a move is taken and by giving stability we give hope and chance to our country to compete and find its place in the global scene. 

“We should not fear the amendments. 

“What we should fear is fear of the unknown. Before we move forward, we have to arrest that fear. And with this amendment it triggers these two things, continuity of service delivery and continuity of good policies. 

“The amendments here entrenches that continuity of processes so we develop. 

“Stability, respect for the people and responsibility were also other points emphasised to be positive factors that drive the move to make amendment to sections 145 and 142. 

“A government elected by the people cannot be removed unecessarily. 

“Leaders must respect the people and do the right thing to lead them the right path to prosperity. 

“This constitutional amendment is a way the government must change to suit the needs of the people,” Agiru said.