Partner title holders to provide housing


MANY politicians have rightly stated that the Government, over the last decade, has done nothing much about housing issues for its citizens.
The lack of policy guidelines of housing in most urban centres has seen the rise of squatter settlements.
Squatter settlements are classified as illegal as people are living off some body’s land.
Everyone should contribute and create policy guidelines to help stop the spread of settlements for future generations to come.
Settlements are producing people who lack decency and basic hygiene.
The Government or better still, the provincial governments should partner landowners that have land titles to build cheaper accommodation for citizens.
This can be done under the build-operation-transfer contract.
The Government can partner individuals and build homes and divide them into rooms that can go for K150 or K200 per fortnight.
Electricity can be solar-powered.
Water can be sourced from boreholes or the sea and treated.
There is now a battery in the world market that can be installed inside a house for electricity. The battery’s life span is 10 years.
Money collected from the rent payments will be collected by the land title holder and a certain percentage of the money will paid to the Government for helping build the property in the first place.
Once the Government has collected its share of the money with interest, the property becomes the title holder’s property by transferring all responsibility/ rights to the title holder.
This same arrangement can apply to customary landowners.
If this suggestion is considered, there will be less people squatting on other people’s land over the years to come.
This will help Papua New Guineans live decent lives.
This suggestion is consistent with our country’s economy per income per person.
It is a bottom-up approach.
Help the low income earners first.

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