Paska must set his priorities straight

Letters, Normal

The National

PNGTUC leader John Paska has got his priorities mixed up.
Why is he wasting his strength and energy debating on issues raised by the Opposition?
Is he aware that many union members are embarrassed over his recent outburst?
I would like him to raise the following issues instead.
1. A crash-stricken aviation industry where not a single investigation has been tabled. This inaction is due to the investigation body suffering years of neglect by the Government. The office has only one staff. Yet, when the Government bought a Falcon jet, Mr Paska has remained quiet;
2. Almost all his members are getting K7 as housing allowance. Hard working teachers and nurses had to go on strike while MPs had their allowances doubled in a single Parliament sitting. What is he doing?;
3. Poverty is prevalent and many low income earners and graduates are struggling. The wage is unreasonable and there is no basic starting salary. Is this going to continue?;
4. The cost of living has increased. Yet the union has done nothing;
5. The deteriorating infrastructure in rural areas has made it hard to access health and education services. Yet the union has turned a blind eye;
6. The extra burden posed by income tax and GST. While we are being taxed twice, nothing has been done to improve taxpayers’ lives;
7. What is he doing about the increase in unemployment rate?; and
8. There are numerous allegations of corruption. Yet the union and Mr Paska have kept quiet.
With due respect, Mr Paska, if you really care for the interest, welfare and benefit of your members and the nation, please address the above issues.
Otherwise your are only serving your own interest.


Jay R. Sakin
Port Moresby