Passenger harassed


I WAS on my way to catch the bus at the Hohola main bus stop on Friday when a city ranger came over, grabbed my shirt and pulled me away from the bus because he noticed I had chewed betel nut.
He assumed I was still chewing. I had chewed earlier at Lareva market.
There were others also with red lips so I asked him why me.
He started to pull me here and there in a very unprofessional way.
He then brought me to his supervisor (who is a non-betel nut chewer) and the opportunity arose for me to make a point.
His supervisor was a non-chewer, he was clean unlike the ranger, who shows signs of a chewer yet he wanted to arrest me, also a chewer.
His supervisor, an elderly man, just listened and didn’t utter a word to me. The ranger’s tone changed and he whispered in my ears to give him K50 and he would let me go because the fine was K300.
I am calling on the Governor and the authorities to look into this issue and train city rangers not to harass members of the public like that. The city should get non-chewers to watch the bus stops and when fines are charged, issue a receipt upon payment.

Poggy Mahn
Rasta boy in blue shirt

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