Pastor: Police beat me over a traffic offence

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 A PASTOR has accused police of beating him up over a traffic offence involving a bus he owns.

Lutheran Renewal Church pastor James Lepi from Ialibu, Southern Highlands, said he almost lost his life during the assault by police from 6-Mile in Port Moresby.

“I should be dead but thanks to the Lord, I am alive,” Lepi said.

Lepi said he was called by the driver of his bus at 4pm on Tuesday to say that they had been detained at the Badili police station by officers from 6-Mile.

Lepi said he went to Badili to bail them out.

“When I arrived at the station, I introduced myself and said I was a pastor from Ialibu in the Southern Highlands,” he said.

“They started beating me up and saying all sorts of things.”

Lepi said they later got on the police vehicle to take them to the 6-Mile station.

He said he was passed from one officer to another who continued the beating.

He claimed that his phone and the bus takings were taken by the policemen.

National Capital District Metropolitan Commander Supt Andy Bawa could not be reached for comment.

But he had said earlier there was an internal affairs department at the 6-Mile police station which dealt with police brutality complaints.

Bawa said officers conducted their own investigations into complaints of police brutality and recommended disciplinary actions to be taken.