Pastor raises concern over donation of funds to churches


A LUTHERAN church pastor believes that politicians who attend church events to distribute money to members of the congregation are only promoting a handout mentality.
Yabem president Rev Yasam Aiwara said it would be better if politicians donated directly to the church district administration which would ensure that the funds were used wisely.
He said giving money to church members during conferences made people lazy, making them forget to use their God-given ability to support church activities through offerings and tithes.
“Enough is enough,” he said.
“Let us put a stop.
“Christians should realise the strength of their own faith.”
Aiwara said this in the presence of Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour, former provincial administrator Kemas Tomala and district administrator Moses Wanga during the opening of a church building at Gwado in the Kisuwaga parish, Busama village in Malaclo, Salamaua, Morobe, on Saturday.
Huon Gulf gave K20,000 to complete the church which took 26 years to build.
Seymour advised Aiwara to write to him and other Morobe MPs about his suggestion not to give money to Lutheran church members.
“Politicians have been giving so much to the church (resulting in) church leaders, elders and members growing fat,” he said.
“The church itself is shrinking in size without congregation members attending church services to give offerings to support the church. Every day, I receive requests from various church congregation and parishioners in Huon Gulf to support them in hosting conferences with food and transport.”


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