Seminar inspiring: Student


A STUDENT has described a recent media education seminar organised by the Catholic church as inspiring and made him feel connected to God.
De La Salle Secondary School student Dian Anthony was one of those who attended the fourth media education seminar from July 16 to 18 in Port Moresby.
“Even though I am a non-Catholic, I felt inspired and connected to my surroundings and to God during the prayer and devotion,” Anthony said.
“I would like to learn more about the Catholic church.”
Limana Vocational Centre student Claire Tsuga said it was amazing to see the students’ creativity.
“They are talented in their words as they shared ideas and actions as they acted,” she said.
La Salle Technical College students Murray Misha said everything about the seminar was exceptional.
“All the sessions and student interactions were timely and addressed issues faced in societies today,” Misha said.
The seminar focused on creative short films illustrating the importance of hope, faith and inspiration amid the Covid-19 taken by students from eight Catholic schools in Port Moresby.
They were produced and screened during the seminar.
It was facilitated by Fr Ambrose Pereira, the social communications secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference and attended by 41 students.
“The media seminars offers our digital natives an opportunity to be advocates of change in society,” Fr Ambrose said.
“It is a platform wherein our young people can creatively express their inner feelings and desires.
“They want a challenge and it is up to us to encourage and guide them to express their values and their faith.
“The weekend has been a creative and an inspiring one for all of us.” Deputy manager of the Limana Vocational Centre Ivy Labradores said there was so much negativity around causing chaos and destruction and called for young people to rise, take charge and be the change they wanted to see.
“We need more positive changes and we need you to be that influencer,” she said.
“You may be out-numbered because you are young, but, your words, talents and the skills learnt from this seminar have been ingrained in you and that is something nobody can take away from you.
“Use it to influence and inspire others so that our society may thrive together.”

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