Pastor tells church members to put their trust in the Lord


The Evangelical Lutheran Church has challenged Christians not to worry too much about things that will only satisfy the flesh, but to leave all worries to God.
“Our problems and worries are God’s,” said the church’s Gain-Kusip Parish pastor Ishmael Motoro.
“Do not worry too much about earthly things. Many of us are worrying too much about things that will only satisfy our bodily needs. We are worried everyday and that harms our health through stresses and high blood pressure.
“Let all your worries be God’s business and his worries can be ours. We are here to fulfill God’s mission on Earth. That’s what God wants us to do.”
He said many people including leaders are concerned too much about running affairs of the country on their own might, instead of putting God first to take care of the country’s problems and challenges.
Motoro said even some public servants and church pastors are looking at serving in places that they will always benefit them.
“We have to go where God’s calling is and serve as a ministry regardless of whether or not we gain anything in flesh,” he said.
“Before they are posted, they worry about their children’s education, the bnearest health centre if they get sick, market, shopping centre and many other things.
“We must commit those things to the Lord, and continue his ministry on Earth to serve his people.”

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