Pastor urges young people to avoid bad habits, be good citizens


A PASTOR of the Evangelical Lutheran church is urging young people to avoid bad habits, be faithful Christians and good citizens.
Pastor Benedict Kale, of Chimbu, called on young people to stay away from illegal activities.
“We must pay attention to what the Bible says,” he said.
“God’s word empowers us.
“Do not get involved in homebrew and marijuana and don’t commit rape or murder.”
Kale attended the church’s youth conference at the Omkolai circuit in Gumine.
It was attended by Sunday school children, secondary school students and young people from Jiwaka.
“Our lives are precious in God’s eyes,” Kale said.
“We must stand firm and be a symbol of Christianity. Do not take illicit substances that will have negative impacts on your body.
“We must maintain good attitude by praying all the time. Christ himself will guide our lives, even during temptations.”
Kale told them to uphold Christian principles to promote changes in their community.
“Humble and respect your parents and you’ll see good things in your lives,” he said.
“Ungodly behaviours will pull you away from the journey to eternal life.”
Kale told them not to accuse others of sorcery.
“Sanguma and poison do not have powers,” he said. “Only Christ has powers through our faith in him. We must love everyone, because we are all God’s creation.”

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