Pato, step down as MP or start living up to promises

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 THE people of Wapenamanda in Enga are still waiting to see their elected MP and Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbink Pato, come home with goods and services. 

Pato was a prominent lawyer in the country prior to entering into politics and a highly-respected educated elite.

People elected him last year on the basis of his work credentials, his great achievements and his personal characteristics. 

During his campaign, he told everyone that he would develop Wapenamanda as a ‘small America’ and assured the people that they would  see what service delivery is. 

We last saw him during the polling period. 

We are into the second year since the elections but have never seen his face in Wapenamanda. 

We hear his name being mentioned in the local newspapers, but we hardly get to see him. 

There is no district administrator in Wapenamanda and no political staff from where he operates in Port Moresby. 

We often hear that he is overseas, but does he have time for us and come up to Wapenamanda to talk to us? 

Other MPs and ministers have time to visit their people and electorates to share their issues with them. 

We suggest Pato steps down as Wapenamanda MP so that we can elect someone who can stay with us, know our issues and deliver services as required. 

We suspect he is busy running his law firm and does not have time for us. 

We, the people of the Wauni and Wizzy tribes in the Minamb Valley, want him to step down or show himself and deliver something for us now. 


Neglected, Via email