Pay your project fees, teacher says

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013


HEAD teacher Joanne Toliman Rex has urged parents of Baiyanik Primary School, in Maprik, to pay the K100 project fee.

She said infrastructure like classrooms could not be improved if the school did not have any funds.

“The project fee is only K100 per student but parents still cannot pay it,” she said.

“But they can contribute to bride price or other traditional events with large amounts of money.”

She said parents should understand that the school would only pursue projects such as the building of classrooms if project fees were paid up.

“I am appealing to the parents to pay the K100 project fee for next year as this is their responsibility,” Rex said.

She said the school received its first allocation of the tuition fee-free subsidy last July. It was not paid any last year because it was rated as “not in operation”.

Rex said after talks with the Education Department in Port Moresby, the school was reinstated in the list of subsidy recipients.

She urged the Education Department to assess school reports and documents such as census forms so that the subsidy arrived before the start of the academic year. 

The school was given K25,000 by Maprik MP John Simon from the district services improvement programme. Rex said most of it was used to buy learning and teaching materials.

The school plans to build a six-in-one classroom next month.