PDM man leads in West New Britain regional

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The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

COUNTING in West New Britain is progressing smoothly with Joseph Tanalau of the People’s Democratic Movement leading the race in the regional seat with 1,803 votes as at 5.30pm yesterday.
Running second in the regional seat was Peter Arul from the People’s Progress Party with 1,639 votes followed by Sasindran Muthuvel from the Coalition for Reform Party with 1,386 votes.
Governor Peter Humphrey from the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party was trailing
with 910 votes.
This progressive results were after count four in the Talasea and count five in Kandrian-Gloucester electorates.
It is understood there are 146,886 eligible voters for the regional seat.
Andrew Talingapua from the Indigenous People’s Party was leading in Talasea open with 2,388 votes as at 5.17pm yesterday.
Running behind him was Rene Reimenn from the People’s National Congress with 698 votes followed by former police commissioner Gari Baki from the Melanesian Liberal Party with 682 votes.
Trailing behind Baki was the sitting member Francis Marus of the PNG Party with 662 votes.
Talasea open has a total of 101,755 eligible voters with 6,777 ballot papers already counted.