Peaceful lake folks of Kopiago

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IN light of the recent ethnic clashes at Gordon market, I would like to clarify that the fight was started by a minority and not the all people of Hela and Enga provinces.
Therefore, I would further clarify that Lake Kopiago is not part and partial of Tari and should not to be classed as Tari or Hela.
We are very different, have unique culture, traditions, history, compensation or bride price ceremonies and any other various social activities.
The Taris or Helas speak their Huli language while we in Lake Kopiago speak our own unique Duna language, Kora language of Oksapmin in West Sepik, Hewa language of East Sepik and Akala langauge of Western because we share borders with them.
We are totally different in nature!
We are really confused, even when the political leaders of Hela wrongly address Lake Kopiago as Hela.
They only say this because the provincial electoral boundary shows that Lake Kopiago is in Southern Highlands and Hela.
None of these so-called Hela leaders have done anything good for the neglected poor people of Lake Kopiago during the past years since independence.
Sadly, we lost one of our young vibrant leaders during the recent fight when he was at the Gordon market to buy vegetables for dinner.
We are peace-loving people and never pay back like these two uncivilised ethenic groups.
Therefore, we advice and warn the Tari, Hela and Enga people, even the political leaders of these provinces, not to brand Lake Kopiag people as Taris or Hela from now.
Please, leave Lake Kopiago alone!


Chief Galimusons
Via email