Penalise all, not just principals


AS the delegator of duties and responsibilities, school principals are subject to be charged and suspended for accepting students with very low marks and without proper documents.
When principals accept students without good marks and proper documents, they fail to uphold the leadership entrusted on them by Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra.
We can blame the principals but how about the deputy principals who are directly involved in students enrolment and registration?
Principals in this situation are scape goats.
Deputy principals and other officers who deal with students’ enrolment and registration should be dealt with too.
Registration officers should be investigated as well.
For the sake of balance evidence prior to awarding verdict, the Education Department’s terms of reference should be extended to lecturers, continuing and former students, parents and concerned churches and the public to express their views.
Only then, there would be a sense of satisfaction otherwise such problems would remain.

Do Aik Ha,