Apologies for turning a blind eye


THIS relates to the article ‘Students from teachers college refused certificate due to low grades’ in The National last Thursday.
I, as an academic staff of Balob Teachers College, can recall the principal and his two deputies coming in for a staff briefing in 2017 during the period of registration and presented a new list of selected students (apart from the Department of Education Research Science and Technology’s selection list) and advised us that it came from the DHERST with signatures and stamps from the office of the Education minister and DHERST for registration.
The list was approved and presented to the registration team for processing.
As part of the registration team, we found out the list was made up of mostly students from a certain region.
The list had students whose grade point averages (GPAs) were below what was reported in that article (below 1.8).
We completed the registration process despite some complaints from within the team on the students’ low GPAs.
As part of the registration team and on behalf of the registration team of 2017, I apologise for turning a blind eye on that matter and not reporting it because we were just officers.
I suggest that authorities in the Education Department send an investigation team to Balob Teachers College and interview all the lecturers, the registration team of 2017 and the two deputy principles with the principle.
The truth will set us free.

Mr Price