Hawa people ready for peace negotiations


THE Hawa community in Tari-Pori, Hela, is looking forward to negotiating for peace.
The reports of killings in the recent tribal fight at Pi village is incorrect.
The recent tribal fight that claimed 20 lives was between two brothers from the Pi Pati clan and some of their maternal relatives.
The fight affected them.
The Hawa people fought with the Ajako tribe that resulted in the closure of the Hawa Correctional Service facilities, destruction of school and church properties, students’ education were deprived and thousands of innocent people were forced to seek refuge elsewhere.
Today, schools and churches are slowly rebuilding after a ceasefire was announced and the provincial government had revived the Hawa CS.
Two years ago, there was a major infrastructure refurbishment following a tripartite signing of a memorandum of understanding between Correctional Service, the provincial government and landowners of the jail.

Gibson Amara,
Community Leader