People need assistance


IN the last Parliament sitting, a Bill was to be passed where contributors of superannuation funds could be able to withdraw some of their savings.
Sad to say, this was not passed but will hopefully be brought up during the August parliament sitting.
I live in a community where many people were laid off due to the Covid-19 and are still off.
Many banked on getting some money from the funds to start up something for their sustenance.
These people have lost hope in doing what they intend to do for their survival in urban centres where one needs money weekly.
With their lifelines being cut, desperation takes over.
Australia is successfully implementing this for the contributors while PNG has yet to establish and enact a Bill while a lot of affected people are struggling to meet every day needs. They will have to wait until August for a relief which is a long while.

Franck Gamezuho,

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