People warned of illegal roadblocks

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POLICE have warned people setting up illegal roadblocks that they are breaking the law and will be penalised for it.
Goroka police highway patrol officer Dick Tambua was responding to locals blocking the road and demanding money from travellers at a damaged section of the Highlands Highway at 6-Mile.
He said it was in direct breach of the Road Transport Act.
He was supported by local leader Martin Auwo who condemned what some people were doing, disobeying the police.
Auwo said police officers were in the area from Friday to Sunday.
They left after the repairs were completed.
Some villagers then set up a roadblock to collect money from people passing through.
“I as a leader am ashamed because travellers might think that we are desperate for money,” he said.
He apologised to people who had to pay some money to pass through.


  • Singaut nating ya LUSIM!

    Ol wokim long Hipehipe Bridge [Asaroyufa] na yu no mekim wanpela samting! Furthermore, yu go long NIPA section of the highway during similar situations….what they maybe collecting here at 6 mile is peanuts.

  • The rule of law is not enforced. Lack of enforcement allows people to continue to disregard the rule of law and get away with it. If one is in breach of the law, apply the full force of the relevant law being breached and leave no room for negotiations. Ignorance is no defense in law.

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