Pharmacists applauded

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THE coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of pharmaceutical supply chain in the health system, Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Jelta Wong says.
Wong’s message was delivered by acting Health secretary Paison Dakulala to mark the 25th World Pharmacist Day on Friday.
He said pharmacists had worked hard to stop the spread of the Covid-19.
“This period of crisis is one that has also acted as a catalyst for innovation and also allows for us to go into new ways of organising and managing ourselves.
“We all can see that technology has improved and we are also advancing and using video-conferencing to improve health communication, awareness and education.
“We thank the contribution of all pharmacists in PNG working in the hospitals, community pharmacies, government sector, research and education, pharmaceutical sales and other areas for their efforts during these difficult times.”
Wong’s statement read: “It is our aim to show how our pharmacists contribute to the world where all must benefit from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines.
“With the current issues in our country regarding medical supplies and management of the supply chain, we should aim to adapt to the change we are experiencing and improve on areas where we can.
“The current change instigated by Covid-19 could be what makes us finally deliver services which we thought were not possible.”
Wong urged pharmacists to continue to expend their presence within PNG.
He urged pharmacists to promote, advocate and encourage their roles to be respected by other health professionals.

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