PHAs should decide about graduations


PLEASE allow me space to air my concern.
Well , this country and its eight million-plus know that the Education minister and his secretary issued an official order to cancel school graduations for the good of everyone in the battle against the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
However, in reality, Covid-19 cases in each province are not actually as rampant and/or as deadly.
Our towns and cities are over crowded with people going on with their daily lives without even complying with Covid-19 protocols such as wearing a face mask or social distancing.
If the Government is not able to contain the issue in streets, there is no point cancelling graduations on account of the Covid-19.
Covid-19 is here to stay and it is everyone’s responsibility to implement the Covid-19 protocols in public places, such as schools, while still allowing it to host events like graduations.
Can the minister and his secretary revisit the order and leave the decision to cancel graduations or not with the provincial health authorities with respect to the Covid-19 situation in each province?
A graduation is a rare and monumental event in a students’ lifetime and give them a sense of purpose and motivates them to go after their dreams.
We cannot allow such foreign man-made diseases from stopping us from doing what we believe is right.

Ishmael Yama