Philemon first governor to hand over PSG acquittals

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday 25th March 2013

 MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon presented his 2012 provincial support grants (PSG) to the department of implementation and rural development last week. 

Philemon was also the first governor to present his acquittals by complying to PSG guidelines.

The acquittals were left by former governor John Luke Critten last year. 

“I want to continue from where the former governor has left because I believed in continuity and transparency for the benefit of the people,” Philemon said. 

He added that continuity in the delivery of tangible development was safer than starting new projects that would waste funds and produce little results.  

He also said the national government had allocated a lot of money to the provincial, district and local level governments’ services improvement where the funds had to be utilised for their intended projects and programmes.

The department’s acting secretary Paul Sai’i was impressed to see an MP personally presenting his acquittals, saying it showed there was transparency and accountability.

Sai’i  urged to other MPs to compile their acquittal reports and send them to the department in the first quarter of the following year. 

“This is the responsibility of the district and provincial administrators plus district and provincial treasurers in collaboration with their MPs to submit acquittal reports,” he said.