Pick fruits or farm at home?


INSTEAD of looking for ways to go overseas to pick fruits for other people, Papua New Guineans should start utilising their already abundantly blessed land to plant their own crops.
No matter how small it may be, let’s do it.
It is good to start small and build and grow from there. Consult officers of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) for advice.
Love your land and your country. I would rather work here then go overseas to work for someone else and face all sorts of problems.
Lukaut long ol giaman manmeri (Be careful of con people).
The experiences of the two Lae residents should be a warning and a lesson to those who are thinking of going overseas to pick fruits in orchards in Australia and New Zealand.
If you really must go, then first research to know the organisations doing the recruiting.
Con-artists and scammers are everywhere these days so if you think you’re being duped, report it to authorities to save yourself and others.

Concerned citizen
Waigani, NCD

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