Rewards for paying taxes


After going through the annual salary and wages statement of earnings, with hopelessness I see huge chunks of our gross wages or salaries being contributed to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) for nation building.
There should be some incentives or rewards apart from rebates that have no real benefit but which have been sitting there since its inception for the loyal taxpayers.
In every contribution people make to any organisation – as is seen all over the world – rewards are given away in most cases.
For example, in Papua New Guinea, taxpayers also contribute to organisations like Nasfund and others where the contributors are rewarded with certain percentages of the declared profit the company makes. However, we don’t see any similar benefits from Internal Revenue Commission, except nation building.
The money comes from only a few employees while the rest of the millions joyride on some of our contributions without any appreciation.
We the workers make contributions towards nation building through our hard-earned tax kina, then narrow-minded and thick-headed lunatics come in and vandalise the facilities and infrastructures being developed in the name of nation building.
As a token of appreciation, I suggest that IRC comes up with incentives like issuing a personnel taxpayer identification number (TIN) to employees according to the amount of contributions they make over the years.
Secondly, subsidise a ceiling rate of cost for goods and services purchased against a contributors’ TIN.
That should leave them rewarded with an inner-most motivated and satisfied feeling.
We are overdue for some kind of reward from the office of IRC.

Tax slave
Lae, 10-Mile

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