Plans in place to upgrade Nadzab industrial park


COMMERCE and Industry Minister Wera Mori, pictured, says that plans are underway for the Nadzab industrial park, in Lae, to be upgraded this year.
He told The National yesterday that the industrial centre development corporation was working towards having it acquired, certified and secured.
“We are talking to the incorporated land groups (ILG) that has got the title and once that is done we will basically have that progressed for the development of the industrial park,” Mori said.
“We are working towards establishing an industrial park where people can come and manufacture.
“We have to create the park, then we can invite and attract investors to come in and take the lead in developing the park.
“Firstly, we have got to alienate the land; that is transferring the rights of the land.
“Currently the land alienation is held by the customary landowners through an incorporated land groups .
“You have to have a team, one that is going to be responsible for developing the park.”
Mori said talks were ongoing with the landowners.