Play school prepares children with English for elementary

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


THE Lae Playschool is just that – a playschool – but it does prepare children for education, headmistress Karen Quinn says.

It provides children aged 18 months old to six years activity-based programmes featuring reading and English to begin education.

Quinn said they focused on quality early childhood programmes. 

“We do what we call kindy kids, which is an early childhood programme right through to preschool and then we do a very small prep group because we’d like to prepare this group for elementary,” she said.

“We don’t babysit, we are here to concentrate on teaching the children English because English is the major world language and we are really going to try to help these children.

“Our children go to a wide range of schools and they can go to any school because by the time they leave us, they have a full grasp of English.

“For maths – we do a Queensland (Australia) correspondence course.

“Whichever school they go to, they will be able to move straight into the English section.”