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PRIME Minister James Marape says he does not support prostitution.
Marape said he, nor Pangu Pati encouraged lazy behaviour among Papua New Guineans.
“Pangu will never teach Papua New Guineans to be lazy in your own land,” he said.
“I don’t support prostitution, I don’t support gambling; I don’t support laziness.”
“It is against our basic Christian values and the principles of our country.”
Marape said this when speaking to more than 1,000 people in Zifasing village, Morobe, on Friday.
He said he was referring to calls made by certain sections of PNG society to promote such ideas.
Instead, Marape said the Government had allocated K1.5 million into the districts to be used to help kick start agriculture and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in provinces.
“Why would we support prostitution when you remain in Port Moresby; return home, you have your land in the village,” he said.
“The Government has allocated funds for you to work the land and make your own money; plant cocoa, coffee, do copra, start your SMEs.”
Meanwhile, Marape also promised the people of Huon Gulf another K1 million in addition to the K1.5 million for their district and urged them to embrace the agriculture and SME sectors.
“I will make an appointment with Huon Gulf, so next year, I will come back for the SME programme and I’ll bring your K1mil to top up for you to buy produce here.”


  • Prostitution is here to stay. Look at ways to regulate it. Think of the poor, illiterate, unemployed, uneducated and some even have no land in the villages. People who are against prostitution aren’t emphatic. They are not looking at the issue from the poor people’s perspective and they are insensitive to the issue. How can you eradicate prostitution completely from society? Regulating prostitution is the best way to go.

    • Those who are in support of prostitution are not genuine Papua New Guineans. PNG is blessed land. No one is made poor but poor is a result or product of laziness. Go lo peles. PNG is the last frontier to spread the word of GOD and if for some reasons and prostitution is legalized, then we are bringing the world to the end. PM, stand firm always.


    1. supporting a prostitute and supporting prostitution are two different things. One is a person and the other is an ACT/behavior.
    2. Jesus Christ supported a prostitute against church leaders and said “let the one without sin cast the first stone”
    3. Ausaid money that PNG receives and enjoys COMES from Australian Tax payers. These taxpayers in Australia include sex workers like prostitutes who pay tax. We are supporting Australian prostitutes by receiving Australian money. We are already supporting prostitution. If you dont support prostitution – DONT TAKE AUSTRALIAN AID MONEY OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY’S AID MONEY.
    4. Summary – our hands are already dirty – we have been supporting prostitution for 45 years by receiving funds from other countries like Australia, USA and Japan.


  • Thank you Umu. This is Truth that will set the prostitutes free.

    No body is a born prostitute or born poor. Lazy people use the easiest ways to make quick money and put themselves through all manner of problems.
    Blessings come ONLY through hard work and sweat.

    I wonder what kind of blessing comes from prostitution!

  • Indeed Kaga…
    Laziness is a disease that it crippling our society.
    Good Work Ethics will reap significant benefits. Our Ancestors lived on our land and they cultivated the land to meet the ever growing essential basic needs (food, shelter and etc) for their children.
    They know what it means to truly work and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It gives them a sense of pride and contentment (satisfaction).
    All the so call reasons that people give to legalise Prostitution is baseless and doesn’t have any substance.

  • Those who support prostitution are not in the Christianity of PNG, Sodom and Gomorrah had been destroyed because of Sexual immortality and other related actives that profanes the word of God. Under the Umbrella Christian country, we can’t merge this sex workers to legalize that, STOP THOSE STUPID FROM SHOWCASING THEIR RUDE MENTALITY IN THE EYES OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. ITS A TOTAL REPROACH TO Christianity scandalism.

  • When we proclaim that we are a Christian country, the acts of impure and immorality must be prohibited for good. We cannot say one thing and do the opposite, that is a sign of hypocrisy. We need to stop the practice in public, We must also stop phonography which is fast becoming a disease amongst our children in primary schools, high schools and secondary schools. It is sickening to see kids involved in the acts.

  • These few lazy people living in cities and towns who supports prostitution should just get themselves flown out at their own cost to countries that have prostitution legalized, be citizens there and have their dirty rights and desires fulfilled as they choose so. Because Christians of our nation will never ever allow such sinful rights to prevail. If one is seen or known doing and living on such which is not right; It will be a question to all right minded people of this country..with a definite NO answer. Its always a Sin to say YES to Wrong.
    Animals are classed above such minded people.

  • All PNGeans are not supporting prostitution so how can we stop this completely? Who can make it happen? If we happen to stop this completely, I believe this is the first step in taking back PNG.
    If PM himself is in support of this then why can’t PM come with a plan to stop this. Pass this as constitution and becomes law so that there is no more prostitution in PNG. We do away with this evil act.

  • Prostitutes are driven into the sex trade by many different factors that need to be closely examined. To eradicate prostitution completely, PMJM needs to distribute the nations wealth equally among all citizens. We know this is never going to happen unless we are under a communist regime. We will always have marginalised communities, that’s how our society is structured. Furthermore, There is always a lucrative black market for everything under the sun. Criminal gangs will eventually take over prostitution and human trafficking to meet the demand for illicit sex. As long as men need to satisfy their sexual urges, we will always have prostitutes.

  • Good call PMJM. Prostitution is not a govt development agenda. That’s a personal choice. If you decide to go down that path, good luck to you. PMJM’S call is decisive & the vision is quite clear. I salute you PMJM, you have my vote.

  • Prostitute are playing with the money every now and then when ever they are and WHY are they asking the government to support or fund them what good things will they done for the country.

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