PM must apologise, says MP

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has been called on to apologise after he likened himself to Sukundumi the Sepik River god.
Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh made the call in a local radio talk back show in Eastern Highlands province last week.
“On Wednesday July 29, when we were making the move to change the Government, Sir Michael went to Timbunke in Sepik to his people and told them that he is ‘Sukundumi’ the god of Sepik River and he cannot be changed.
“I gave a challenge that we have one God he is my God, our God, the God of PNG, God of Eastern Highlands the only God who made heaven and earth. We earthly beings cannot call ourselves God.
“This is the God who can set up governments and change governments, with this I appeal to the people of Sepik to call on Sir Michael to say sorry to God. From the way I hear and see it, he (Sir Michael) made a mockery of God, and he should apologise,” Mr Harokaqveh said.
The Prime Minister likened himself to Sukundumi when addressing people in remote Timbunke during the launching of shipping vessel MV Siddy early last month.