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PRIME Minister James Marape has given an ultimatum to stakeholders negotiating the US$5 billion project: “Wrap it up next week or I will step in and make the call.”
He said during a meeting on Tuesday in Port Moresby between the project developers, landowners and state agencies on the deep sea tailings placement issue in the Huon Gulf that too much time was being “wasted”.
“Time is of the essence.
“Time is going on and time lost will never be claimed again,” he said.
“Time lost is opportunity wasted.
“Conversation (on the deep sea tailing placement) has been in the public space for too long.
“Make a decision next week or else I will make the call.”
A final meeting between the developers, landowners and State agencies is expected to be held next week in Lae at the request of Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu.
The developers are Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd and Newcrest Mining Ltd.
Marape said next week’s meeting “must be the last”.
He said work on the mine must begin.
“Everyone wants the Wafi-Golpu project to go ahead,” he said.
“Next week, put all your issues and data on the table.
“Let’s reach a conclusion.
“Let’s find a way for mutual understanding.”
He said the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority would make an independent assessment on the projects “not influenced by the minister or myself in Cabinet”.
“Next week, if everyone is on the same page, we can agree so that a full environment permit can be issued,” he said.
“This will require all of us to make an honest assessment in proposals put forward – deep sea or land.
“I am a fair man. I am unbiased in my assessments.
“If you all want this project to go ahead, I will make some conclusions, based on fair judgment.”
Marape said the Wafi-Golpu project was an urgent situation “as far as time is concerned”.
“Next week, when informed conversations have been made, and if you can’t agree, I will step in and make the call.
“But when I make the call, there will be a caveat.
“Those caveats will be that in case something goes wrong, there must be an insurance plan put in place for our people.”


  • No DSTP for the project – history has shown us the negative consequences and only blind and stubborn people in government (politicians, CEPA, MRA, etc) who have not learnt from the past and are so hell-bent for money (and not concerned with the livelihood, health and safety of the people, marine life, and environment) will come up with the lame excuse that DSTP is the only option. We understand and appreciate that time is important to reach an agreement for the project to get off the ground but that doesn’t give the government the right to push for it by going for an option that is shown us it has disastrous negative consequences on the environment, marine life and the livelihood of people that live around the locality of where the DSTP is built.

    • Let’s do away with Deap Sea Tailings Placement. There must be tailings Dam constructed. Companies only treat the solution component of the plant tailings to their permit limits, but the solids discharged will destroy the sea bed and marine fauna, will suffocate reefs and kill them disrupting the marine life around the radius of the discharge line. Affecting the livelihoods of the coastal villages. This is a big mine the solids discharged per day will be 20,000 to 30,000 dry tonnes per day (dtpd).

      CEPA and MRA include into your current Environmental and Social Economic Audits, DSTP Audits. Go to Lihir with a team of Marine biologists and a certified ISO140001 Environmental Auditor and see for yourself the impact of DSTP operated by Newcrest Mining Limited, on Marine life especially the destroyed reef. Newcrest operates DSTP at Lihir and is the same company that will be operating Wafi.

      There is lots of land available around Wafi to build a tailings dam. Enough of operating cheaply in PNG.

  • This is political statement we don’t trust anymore, everywhere talking and lodging no action no nothing done since took office in May 30th .

  • James Marape stop brainwashing the people with your sweet talk again. What do you mean by saying you yourself will call in? You telling the country that your ministers are not doing their mandated job? James Marape you give time to your ministers and let them do everything for you coz you one man can not make miracles to get things up and running as you think. Marape you better stop your habbit of chest beating now. Almost a year in office and James Marape has done nothing at all. All good in all talking no action. You have just woke up from your slumber and giving out millions of kina in every province before the november VONC. Country now knows that Marape is on shaky grounds and he is very scared of father of modern png no other than Oneil. Better tighten up your belts otherwise you are gone already.

    • Shallow and narrow minded people like Yomo Longi only see the negative side of issues as they have nothing good to contribute towards the development of this country.

  • There’s a group of National experts called Geological Resources Engineering Consultant based in Unitech Lae who have a solution to this discussion. Why is the Governor of Morobe not involving this group.

    They have the only work plan for land tailings that can solve this problem.

  • Thumbs-up to you Mr PM God has ordained you for this season. PNG is with you kos we know you are doing this for us all, the people of this country. God bless you Mr PM.

  • Marape, you have a very big mouth. So you are saying that neither you or ministers will have influence in CEPA assessment on the mine. It would mean that you guys have been behind everything and pulling strings. May be all the deaths and number of confirmed cases of covid19 in the country must be influenced and directed by you and your ministers as well?

  • Good! I am fully supportive for you PMJM. Make the call now, as Morobeens are people who are good debaters politically, but lacks Economical message on the benefits of huge projects like Wafi/Golpu. No time so make a call now for a better tomorrow.

  • PMJM is right. Negotiations on benefits sharing and dumping of waste is taking too long-4years. By now scientists should have provided necessary evidence on the two types of waste tailings and recommended one that is environment friendly. So why are stakeholders with no scientific knowledge on waste tailings questioning? Another delay is the benefit sharing. LOs and MPG should have completed benefits sharing long time ago. Why engage consultants to negotiate sharing of their wealth? PMJM make decisions if they can’t make the decisive decisions.

  • Prime Minister you are on the right track to manage the time well to get ahead from blockages and hindrances. PMJM your decision are always perfect which means God is using you to make the right decision for the country and its people. We are at the back of go ahead.

  • No dumping in the sea. its dangerous for life in the see aswell as the food chain. Morobe is the area with large land mass second to western, so use those land. other wise, let the people do it as alluvial mining and they can benefit. Government only support them with adequate resources through SME support scheme/fund. Even PNG gold is not having any impact on our Stock exchange, its benefiting Australian, We don’t even have a bullion for stocking. What good plan does government have for the country, is it the old way of digging and selling. PNG must think and think to move forward.

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