PM urged to revisit cuts in TFF funds


THE cut in the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) will affect many parents and Prime Minister James Marape is urged to revisit his decision and make changes so no child misses school.
Jerry Makinta, a representative of the Lutheran education agency in Western Highlands, is calling on Marape to look at the cost of living and hardship people are facing before making changes to the TFF policy.
He said people had been behind the Marape government but with the TFF issue, many were uneasy.
Makinta said PNG was becoming a very expensive country to live in, with the cost of living becoming very high.
He said simple people in villages were feeling the pain to put food on the table.
Makinta said some parents had more than four children while others had more and the government should consider the struggle people were facing.
He said almost the entire population in the country did not have formal employment.


  • Mr. James Marape PM, please revisit your government decision on (TFF) and School Fee, if the decision stands than will cause big problem to the citizens of Papua New Guinea so Prime Minister recheck and make your People’s Happy.

  • PM has to revisit his decision on TFF and put the interest of his people first. The cost of living in this country is very high and people are struggling every day to sustain their livelihoods. There are lots of other means where he (PM) can look into to make income to cover for the huge debts the country is faced with.

  • I personally support the cut. It simply means plan your family, cut down on unnecessary spending and develop self discipline.
    Furthermore, it is not total cut as many are saying.

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