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PRIME Minister James Marape says the coalition government he leads currently has 91 MPs – a number he wants to maintain up to the 2022 general election “and beyond”.
He met his coalition MPs yesterday at Parliament House and agreed on a plan on their way forward.
“We are going deeper and into the future,” Marape told The National yesterday.
Yesterday, on behalf of his Pangu Pati, he signed a memorandum of agreement with Bulolo MP Sam Basil, the leader of the United Labour Party (ULP).
He was also going to sign a similar agreement yesterday with Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, the leader of the National Alliance Party (NAP).
Basil is the National Planning and Monitoring Minister while Pruaitch is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
“If the 2022 general election comes and the ULP has more numbers, than Pangu will support them in getting the prime minister’s seat. And if the numbers are with Pangu, then ULP will support us. The same applies for our other coalition parties as well.”
Marape said the 91 MPs were mostly from Pangu (29), NAP (10), ULP (9), United Resources Party (9), People’s Party (6), People’s Progress Party (4), National Party (2), and the four single-MP parties Madang MP Bryan Kramer, Northern Governor Gary Juffa, Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu and THE Party’s Jeoffrey Komal. He said Independent MPs and others from small parties make up the coalition.
“So we are intact. We have always been intact,” he said.
The agreement signed with the coalition partners “clears the path for a partnership leading into the 2022 general election and beyond”.
Basil thanked Marape for the signing of the agreement saying it was time to have political stability to restore the faith of the people and the business community in the Government.
Marape was elected on May 30 last year. His Government is allowed to run for 18 months before any attempt to move a vote of no confidence against it can be entertained by Parliament.


  • We have a funny political system where number game becomes more important then the affairs of the country. Fighting corruption is also difficult becuase you want to keep the number. A party leader might have questions to answer but its hard to investigate him or her becuase he is the important person in the number game… oh Lord how earth will we suffer from the cruial political system? Oh Lord help us.

  • Looking forward for the 18 month period closure.
    Then you will see some action , the operation will be
    screeming for a vote of no confidence.
    And with good reason which by then the country will be “deeper into the future and deeper in desperate trouble.
    Which the people of PNG will be united on a vote of no confidence.

  • This government what they focuses now is to aiming for 2022 National Election and they do not think about how to manage the affaires of the country or bring any development to the people. Giaman toktok brain wasim people tasol

    • lets not be too quick too just, PMJM hasn’t served a full term. His only managing/scraping what was left of it when he took office and with the Pandemic crisis it did not help the situation. Why don’t we give him a full term to proof otherwise. We need a stable Govt moving forward to bring change otherwise we will be discussing the same pass 2022 National Elections and deeper into the future.

  • This is PNG and the system of preparing themselves for election periods has been going on for years. We cannot blame the current PM now. The previous PM have played and now the current is planning to play the same. One thing in common em long bossim money bag blong PNG.

  • May sincere assessment on all you comments are very shallow. These comments will only lead to electing leaders who do not have people and their country at heart.
    We should be grateful for this Gov’t for God used them to deliver the you all and as PNG from COVID 19. If PO or someone else, this COVID 19 would be a diseaster for PNG (us).

    JM and the current Gov’t should continue beyond 2023 for the hand of God is with them.

  • lets not be too quick to just, PMJM hasn’t served a full term is only managing/scraping what was left of it when he took office and with the Pandemic cisis it did not help the situation. Why dont we give him a full term to proof otherwise. We need a stable Govt to bring change otherwsie we will be talking the same issues pass 2022 National Elections and deeper into the future.

  • what the heck on earth is going on? I think not only me but many of the Papua New Guineans are wondering too about the current situation with our Government. I see that the main motive of the government is to concern about the 2022 national election. On behave of all the tertiary students right cross the country, I think we are about to be suspended simply because of no school fee even although we applied for the help program, the government is really really slow in making the payment. in fact, I think not even a single kina is deposited into any of the institution right across the country.
    As a student , to me it seems like recipe for diseaster.

  • Thank God we can rely on Australia to continue sending us money. True friends, and much less strings attached than our ‘new’ friends.

  • This government is doing a little better in weeding corruption. That is what is eating away the fabric of our nation and that is a good start to take back PNG and make it the Richest black Christian nation.

  • Unfortunately, in PNG once someone wind the election, he immediately takes measures to make sure that he gets reelected, even if that means he has to apply corrupt and dirty tactics.
    Yet, politically, we are immature, without any experience, without any political know-how and vision. You cannot have over 50 political parties in a country of 9-10million people. This shows that politicians don’t know what they actually want. In other countries, if you are a member of the Christian Democratic party, then you are part of that party for your whole life, because this is the party that vest represents your vision and ideology. If you belong to the greens, liberals, or socialists it’s the same. But in PNG our MPs have no such vision, ideas, and values and there political party hopping is the norm. They are MPs with soul, without and vision, idea or clue, because everything is done the same way. They only difference is in the name of the party. I think if I were create a party and called it K2Meri party, I would have the most members in parliament.

  • Thank you Party leaders in the Government for the MOU to see the stability for development of our country. PANGU Party started PNG after independent and Pangu will move country forward into the unknown future. The current PANGU party has the plans to connect the country with road network then it is the peoples government. This wonderful Christian country needs proper leadership of James Marabe caliber. I solute the other parties that support our Prime Minister and signing of MOU for stability. I hope the leaders are mature and abide by the MOU.

  • Our government are thinking and planning about maintaining leadership name as MPs and Governors for next year and on wards while their provinces were lack of basic services.Which is very shameful in the eyes of people.They need to think both ways to sustain theirl leadership position.

  • Actually we have wasted 45 years already and yet we are still lacking very Basic services in almost every Districts in this Country; Just One Suggestion can we adapt guided Democracy where every elected MPs can not have the power to change the state Policy, Motives and Goals , this will also bypass the growing concern and motives of having stability in any successive Government; only then this country will change.. let the Law get tougher on every body including PMs?

  • Now is not the right time to talk about politic. It is time to deliver. When you want to talk about politics, 2022 is the right time.

  • almost each and every one of us are always blaming somebody else for every scenario that comes and goes in our land of the unexpected, do we ever ask ourselves what have I done for my country, only every individual one way or another stand up, do what is right, I believe we all will appreciated our action rather than crying over spill milk

  • The way many people see is; Every politician is full of deceit, greed, selfishness and lies. The same applies to most of their cronies and those who benefit directly/indirectly from them. The greed of wanting to have more money (goddess of evil) in their pockets does lead them astray and to the extreme. Their little brain is full of riches and they lack wisdom, honesty, transparency and Love of the country and people.
    PMJM was a Church goer and believe he still is. If he did not accept bribes in any way during his term and whilst in the reigns of former PMPO, he is then good indeed.

    Everyone has heard, read and know that “Money is the root of evil” therefore, if a politician starts preaching about “The Love of God” in the Parliament, distribute the Word of God’s Love to the members of parliament and the MPs deliver the Acts of the Word of God’s Love to the people, this country and its occupants will prosper and become the Richest Black Nation in History else, do not use our good Lords Name for personal gain!
    Read about God’s Love and its wonders in 1Peter 4:8

  • Well first of all I take this time to thank you all for sharing your brilliant thoughts on this topic about the situation PNG is going through over the decades. The blame should go to the former Prime Ministers as well, not only PO and current PM JM. Come on you smart PNG,ns. We are matured and grown ups.Hon James Marape just came into power ONE Year and Zero Months and SIX DAYS. PMJM can not perform miracles overnight. All of us should be focusing on our elected MPs and Governors in our respective Provinces and Electrrates. Whether sweet promises during campaigning fulfilled or Cargo Cult Promises, Kundiawa 4kona streets occupied by street venders, reasons, NO GAT MONEY LONG HAUSLINE, Market kaikai ol hat wok na karim ikam salem STING long maket. Bulb Onions gutpla fresh foods Sting nating long streets na road side. Please talk about some constructive ideas as how to look after our people struggling in the rural areas than those FANTISIES.

  • This Government is all talk and no action. When PMPO came into office infrastructure and development projects were happening all across the country within 6 months of taking office. When this Government came in no development projects, major economic projects were shut down, delayed or cancelled denying employment, and economic growth. I believe in action not colourful words and talks. Start delivering so that we can believe in I lot and vote for u in 2022. Otherwise u lot are on the way out. Action speaks louder than words

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