PMC will provide a choice

Letters, Normal

THE Pacific Medical Centre should be viewed as an alternative health service provider rather than a replacement to the existing health services.
Despite our booming economy, not many of us can afford specialist treatments, let alone minor surgeries, be it public or private health care system.
But one thing for sure is that we need specialist treatments that may otherwise not be available in our health system.
We must learn from what happened in other countries but this should not prevent us from having what we believe is in the best interest of our country.
Let us use this opportunity as a model and build on it to provide similar facility in other provinces.
While K500 million may sound a lot of money, we should be able to afford it from the revenue generated from the LNG.
The bottom line is we have a choice – seek treatment here or go overseas.

Pongie Kichawen
Port Moresby