PM’s gauntlet

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PRIME Minister James Marape says he will resign as Tari-Pori MP if his ruling Pangu Pati fails to form the Government after general election 2022.
“I will then return home to live with my people. In 15 years, I could not bring much change. But in three years as prime minister, and working with like-minded leaders … we have brought (positive) change,” he told a crowd after his nomination papers were accepted by the election returning officer (RO).
Marape was among scores of politicians who filed their nomination papers nationwide on the first day of nominations yesterday to contest in the general election.
He was nominated to defend Tari-Pori after he arrived at the nomination centre at 2pm with Governor Philip Undialu, Pangu Pati president Eri Singin and secretary Morris Tovaebae.
Marape was nominated at 2.20pm in front of a huge crowd and his papers were confirmed in order and accepted by returning officer Willie Kara at 2.27pm.
“I wish to thank the people of Tari-Pori for coming to witness my nomination.
“I am seeking re-election for the fifth time.
“In 2002, I first contested in a general election and I came in second.
“Then, I was elected in 2007, 2012 and 2017.
“Today, I am here to defend Tari-Pori again and for the first time as prime minister.
“Thank you for your support.
“For believing in me and giving me your mandate,” he added.
In 2017, Marape won in an 18-corner contest.
Marape thanked Pangu executives for being present with him and said Pangu would be fielding 70 candidates nationwide.
Marape was the eighth candidate to be nominated to contest Tari-Pori.
In Ialibu-Pangia, incumbent MP Peter O’Neill filed his nomination form in Pangia yesterday.
In 2017, O’Neill won in a 10-corner challenge.
O’Neill said 94 candidates are running under his People’s National Congress party in this election.