PNC Party issue


I COMMENT on the shake up within the ruling PNC party.
As they say respect is a two way thing and not a one way traffic if this has been going on for 6 years. It has been a common observation that many elected leaders within and outside the PNC party have been treated with disrespect and ignored in-contempt by inner circles of the Prime Minister (PM) even by PM himself and the Chief Secretary while other non-elected business people and foreign advisors seem to have more influence and their charming words seems to play a sweet chord in the ears of PM.
Even some PNC cabinet Ministers holding key senior ministries like Treasury and Planning and others seem to be so arrogant and structurally corrupt in their willingness and dealings and seen to treat other elected leaders as a second class group.
So any split in the ranks and files of PNC Caucus was bound to happen when James Marape made the move because of lack of respect and confidence given to him and others elected leaders for that matter.


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