PNG is heading wrong way

Letters, Normal

OUR so-called leaders and political parties are not showing any concern over the deteriorating law and order problems.
They are more worried about playing their political games and to stay in power or regain it.
The government and opposition have lost the plot and if they do not address the real issues affecting PNG, we will not see and enjoy the benefits from the LNG project.
On the other hand, we, highlanders, bring our tribal conflicts into our towns and cities.
Such conflicts do not help in nation-building or encourage unity.
When are we going to stop our barbaric acts like killing and chopping victims to pieces?
It is time we learn to show respect to our fellow countrymen and women.
We have more than 800 tribes with their own unique culture and languages.
Instead of showcasing them to the world and take advantage of the tourist dollars, we are letting our tribal conflicts divide us and in the process, tearing our country apart.
As a concerned citizen of PNG, I call on the Somare-Polye government to address these issues urgently.
Enough is enough.
We do not need more brutal killings.

John Aina
Port Moresby