PNG Power ignites Morata off-season league

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The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PNG Power have jumped on the bandwagon to support the Morata Off-season rugby league competition with a K25,000 sponsorship for the next five years.
PNG Power acting director (Customs Services) Upa Minga and community representative Joel Eremungo presented the first installment yesterday, on behalf of the chief executive officer Tony Koiri at the Kone Tigers oval.
Minga, in presenting the K5,000, said the sponsorship was part of the company’s social obligation.
“With many social issues, including security a major concern, both urged the residents to look after properties that belonged to PNG Power.
“We (PNG Power) must not be seen as enemies rather must work together to develop the community,” Minga said.
There is a possibility of increasing the sponsorship if the people of Morata take ownership of all properties belonging to PNG Power and work hand in hand to develop the community understanding.
Morata off-season league president Eki Ene thanked the organisation for the support and promised to work alongside the country’s premier power supplying company to ensure that people look after their properties.
“We will make sure to work with the PNG power in taking ownership of the properties, including power lines, trucks and other properties within in our area.
“It is good for you to come on board and that will also make people know that PNG Power is part of the community,” Ene added.