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The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 WE must thank God who has created us and placed in a country he has blessed with natural resources – another Canaan.

There is no reason why we should beg for foreign aid when the country is filthy rich in minerals and other natural resources.

The population is so small that the resources that we have can look after us for 10, even 20 generations if we manage them wisely.  

I wonder why the government is letting international giants to extract all our natural resources without preserving some for the future.

If Dubai in the Middle-East can manage a small oilfield to sustain its small population and turn it into a world tourist destination, then PNG can 

do the same.

We can preserve the other our resources and let two or three mines operate to sustain our six million people. 

PNG is rich yet there are many beggars roaming the streets of our urban centres while many others are suffering from curable diseases such as malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and HIV/AIDS.

These are the results of the government’s poor management since the independence.

I urge Christians to pray for changes so that only committed and God-fearing leaders will rule in the next government. 



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