PNG Waterboard advises of a major rehabilitation programme soon

Lae News, Normal


THE Papua New Guinea Waterboard issued a public notice yesterday advising water users in Lae city of a major rehabilitation exercise.
The exercise would be conducted at the main bore pump stations in and round the city.
The public was informed that water pressure would be very low in some areas of the city.
Water would be supplied from only three bore pumps at two-hour interval.
The major rehabilitation programme  has been taken on by the board to improve the production output and to cater for the increasing water supply demand in the city.
PNG Waterboard advised that the full water supply should be restored by the end of the week.
Executive officer of operations with PNG Waterboard Raka Taviri last Friday said they were in the process of revamping the old Lae system but needed public understanding and assistance.
The people must not make illegal connections and should report leaking pipes.
As part of its plans to revamp the current Lae system PNGWB has commissioned a new generator for the  bore at the University of Technology’s main entrance costing about K130, 000.
 He said that a new bore pump was also on its way to Lae.
A lot of residents living in and around the city are still facing water shortage problems and are looking for clean water for cooking, washing and drinking.