PNGFA helps local business

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The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

THE Papua New Guinea Forest Authority gives equal recognition to every­one, National Forest Service director forest development Tunou Sabuin says.
He made the comment when signing a contract on behalf of the authority with contractor Mahidi Steel Fabrication Services earlier this month.
“PNGFA is a very big organisation and signs multi-million kina agreements with major companies and partners but this signing is small, just for K1,800. 
“However, the authority gives the same recognition and treatment to all agreements, whether big or small.
“Here at PNGFA, we want to promote and assist our own indigenous people in the businesses they operate.
“We don’t want to look down on them but they must prove that they are capable of doing the job,” he said.
“Depending on the success of your work in this small contract, there could be other bigger jobs for you here.
“Although we’ve given jobs to small contractors in the past, this is the first time for us to sign an agreement with one and I am pleased with my manager business development, Stanley Tavul, for organising this.
“We need to give recognition and value to our own small people so that they can create self-employment and contribute to building our nation,” Sabuin said.
The contractor is Gulf man Burns Tu’u and his wife Lynette.
The agreement was for three weeks from July 2 and would see the company complete construction of stage 1, phase 2 of the proposed recreational centre project located in the authority’s head office in NCD.
During the signing, a cheque for K900 was presented to the couple with the other half to be given when the job was completed.