PNGSF backs Youth Games initiative


THE Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation has backed the Regional Youth Games with an emphasis on empowering young people through sports.
New foundation executive director Albert Veratau said the concept behind the Games was to establish more avenues for youths to showcase their talents while involving them in meaningful activities.
He said that following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the foundation, National Youth Development Authority, and the Community Development, Youth and Religion Department for the first Games in November.
“Youths make up more than 50 per cent of this country and this is what the Government should be spending its money on,” Veratau said.
“This is to ensure that five to 10 years later, youths are going to develop and transform this country.
“They are going to innovate within this country and this programme is going reach youths in the district.
“This kind of platform takes kids off the streets and puts them into something meaningful.
“Sports take up a good amount of their time and will slowly take them away from the distractions that are holding them down.”