Police arrest dozens after shop fire

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 POLICE have arrested 21 people over a fight at the ATS settlement in the National Capital District which resulted in the burning of a trade store. 

Assistant Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said all had been charged in relation to the fight on Feb 8 and locked up at the police station.

He made a call to people living in the settlements in NCD to respect one another.

“We must have the freedom of movement and nothing should hinder this,” Andrews said.

He said two men from Northern who lived at the ATS settlement were attacked by a group from Simbu while returning from a trade store.

“This resulted in a fight and burning of the store after men from Northern retaliated.”

Andrews said police had asked the Northern people to replace the windscreens of two police vehicles damaged during the fight.

He said police were there to maintain discipline but were attacked.

Andrews said those in custody had been refused bail.