Police continue to follow leads

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POLICE continue to investigate leads provided by the public in the manhunt for the 12 hardcore prisoners who escaped from the Bomana maximum security facility on Jan 12.
National Capital District and Central Commander Chief Supt Awan Sete said policemen and officers were still checking out tip-offs.
Meanwhile, in another case, a woman who did not want to be named, said a friendly gathering almost turned nasty for four people in Port Moresby last Friday at about 8pm.
She said they may have foiled an armed robbery by chance.
“My friends and I were in a car heading into town from Ela Beach, right after the police station and just before the round-about.
“The road was blocked off by big orange cones,” one of the passengers said.
“We then spotted two taxis that looked like the occupants knew each other.
“I told my friend to make a quick turn back as I saw many youths
walking into town from the bank.
“The boys were looking at the round-about area like something was happening there,” he said.
The passenger then saw a man running up and he suspected a hold-up or a car jacking was in progress.
The passenger then screamed to the driver to reverse quickly and flee.
A 10-seater Toyota also headed in their direction from Mary Street with a man who looked like he was waving a torch.
“The 10-seater came down from the Crowne Plaza back road to the bus stop towards us, and when we sped off, I saw that the torch was a gun.
“We drove back into Ela Beach Hotel but the occupants of the 10-seater did not follow. “There were no sirens or signs or indication that they could be police,” she said.
“My friends and I would like to know if there was really a police road block at the round-about along Musgrave Street.’’
Chief Supt Sete said he would check whether the NCD command had set up such a roadblock.