Police forced to keep suspects in condemned cell

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THE Kavieng police station in New Ireland needs urgent refurbishment to ensure criminals are detained and police officers have a proper dormitory.
As it is, the single quarters have been condemned, with 15 officers transferring out to other provinces including Port Moresby, station commander Chief Sgt Gabriel N’Drihin said.
A media team was taken through the station and the barracks behind the station.
The place was broken, torn, smelt dirty and was left to people to practise graffiti on the walls.
Chief Sgt N’Drihin confirmed that the dorms and the ablution block of the single quarters had been empty since 2019 when the provincial health authorities condemned the police station and the living quarters.
“To date we have had no word on what will happen,” he said.
“We are aware of a contractor but we only await the police management’s orders, no one has assisted except several business houses.
“We need to have this station up and running.
“So far for minor crimes, we apprehend, interview, charge and let the person go to appear in court the next day. For major crimes, we have to keep the accused in the condemned cell.
“We have no choice, that’s what we are doing now. The police cell has no toilet, shower, no door inside to separate male and female prisoners and juveniles.
There is no proper ventilation.
“The inside smells disgusting especially when it rains and floods.”
Chief Sgt N’Drihin said Kavieng police urgently needed assistance to renovate the police station and single quarters.


  • Does police department has budget to fix & maintain buildings, they should be fixed when identified in the first place when minor deteriorating begins, do we not have weekly inspections controls in place before getting big to claim millions for Maintenance & repairs……..

  • the home province of two major gold mines , SEMBIRI and LIHIR gold , come on wake up this cant be real.

    A rundown government institution. For example learn from ENGA province, home of PORGERA gold.

    Over to niu ireland leaders.

  • This is the problem with our leaders, beauracrates,and government institutions, they focus on building empires, glass houses and forget about simple but maintainable infrastructure.

  • Lihir has no sealed road around the small island is an example of elected members sleeping in house assembly for all these years.

  • Chief Sgt Gabriel N’Drihin, It is your duty and responsibility to take the issue and discuss with your Police commissioner,Police Mininster and even Provincial Administrator and your members and Governor. These people are busy people and they will not come and check the area for you, it is you that will take matter to them and address.Do not wait until everything fall down.Where have been all these donkey years?

  • New Ireland seriously? So you left Julius Chan to run that province for over 30 years? Very interesting. I thought a province like ESP and NI should be better off in terms of public infrastructure. Sadly this is not the case. Sorry PNG, after 45 years independence and you are not going anywhere.. One step forward, and two steps backwards.

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