Police HQ sends team after Alotau bank robbed


A team from the police headquarters will be sent to Milne Bay to investigate an Alotau Bank South Pacific robbery, says Police Minister Jelta Wong.
Wong told Parliament that they were putting together a team to go to the province, and arrest the armed robbers who broke into the bank on Monday morning and walked away with a substantial amount of money.
Samaria- Murua MP Isi Henry Leonard had raised the issue of armed robbery and said the holdup was not the first attack by the group that had used high-powered weapons and high-powered motor dinghies to attack and rob islands in the province. Leonard called on Wong to present his short-term and long-term plans to address the issue as police in Milne Bay did not have the resources to carry out their work.
Wong said he was looking at beefing up police manpower in the province.
Wong said the identity of the armed robbers’ leader was known to police and they would arrest him soon.
“We are on to him and we will have him arrested soon,” Wong said.
Two security officers were shot when the bank was broken into.
People took advantage of the robbery and ransacked stores in the town area.